Mental Health Awareness Week: Taking Care of our Employees

In any workplace, there is potential for employees to be faced with stress and pressure from trying to perform well in their roles. It’s massively important that employers are aware of this and know exactly what they can do to make the work environment a healthy one for all members staff. The 13th-19th May is nationally recognised as Mental Health Awareness Week and it’s the perfect chance for businesses to reflect on the quality of support that they have in place for their workforce.
Carpentry and construction is hard work. It involves long hours in rain or sun and dedication to completing lengthy projects. Because we recognise this, we’ve made sure that we provide our employees with access to support through the Health Assured scheme. This gives individuals access to excellent information on various ways to keep happy and healthy – from guidance on nutrition, to advice on sun exposure, to connections with experienced counsellors. 
This year for Mental Health Awareness Week, see what you can do to help those around you to feel happier, safer and healthier.